Holiday by Train in Malaysia

For those traveling from KL to Penang, one may choose to travel by train which is the most affordable and comfortable means to use. With the emergence of various means of transport and the most common train transport, one can be able to reach their destination on time regarding the mean of transport they decide to pick on. The use of train has grown more and more in Malaysia due to the introduction of internet transport services like the e-tickets are available online. These booking services are allowed in the most train stations.

Hence, if you are traveling from Kuala Lumpur to Penang, then train is the best means of transport. Traveling from KL to Penang is a long journey and getting a transport means that is comfortable, can be able to reduce fatigue while traveling. With improving technology, you can be able to get the best seats at an affordable price; bookings are also done on the internet. The train from Kuala Lumpur to Penang is quite comfortable and relaxing. Traveling by train from Kuala Lumpur to Penang is time-consuming, but the good thing about it is that one can be able to view what nature has to bring forth. For a first class ticket, one has to pay between 30 to 35 USD.


This lounge has got a number of reading material, couches, each person gets their own lavatory. This first class lounge has an elevator that enables one light on the platform directly. Malaysia railways enable travelers to reach the most distant locations in the country through its excellent rail network. Train from Penang to KL operating between various major cities and also to secondary cities.

In addition to such trains, there are direct trains operating to hill stations and vacation locations. Before booking ticket, look into the ETS Train Timings to find out the arrival and departure timings of the train in which you want to do a booking. You can also as well book and confirm your seat in the train wherever you are online through the Trains to Lumpur normally leave the Woodlands train checkpoint that is located in the southern causeway Penang. The causeway is found across the Johor straits which are thirteen miles in the north of Penang.


The Woodlands station has brought about a KTM Intercity ticket. Trains do not depart from the 132 built art-deco station anymore. They also allow online ticket booking through the that makes its easier that the passengers don’t need to travel to the train stations for ticket booking. The Malaysia cities offer the facility of reserving tickets for any two points all through the country.

Accessibility to Malaysia Railway tickets became convenient with the arrival of the internet and mobile phones. Senior citizens have the special privilege to get reduction on the real fare of tickets. Other groups of discounted tickets take in the disabled, students and superior ranked government officers. In the lowest class of accommodation normally, one section is allotted for ladies. There are numerous berths or seats in second class and sleeper class that are booked for ladies. One can also go in for season tickets, which allow unlimited travel on some trains for an exacting period of time.